MSVCC Academy Facilitator/Developer Interest Form

The mission of the Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) is to provide educational opportunities to constituencies who live within the various community and junior college districts in Mississippi and to others beyond those boundaries. The mission includes providing access to instructional offerings through advanced technologies for those individuals who currently cannot take advantage of the offerings of the community and junior college through traditional means and to those individuals who are seeking alternative educational delivery systems.

One way MSVCC fulfills its mission and vision is to provide high-quality training to online faculty. The MSVCC Academy was developed to provide quality training to MSVCC faculty. The MSVCC Academy partners with experts in the field of eLearning to facilitate online training courses and develop new online courses, training kits, and webinars.

If you have expertise in online teaching within a junior or community college system (or higher education), MSVCC Academy is looking for you! Simply, complete the MSVCC Academy Facilitator/Developer Form found above.


Preferred Online Course and Webinar Facilitators
Facilitators are selected based on their experience, education, and expertise. At a minimum online training course facilitators are expected to, maintain a sense of decorum and professionalism in all communication with student-teachers in a course, including personalized instruction and counsel with participants as course activities and assignments are completed, assist participants within 48 hours, timely posting of grades and feedback, and regularly communicate with the Mississippi Community College Board's (MCCB) eLearning Division (administrator of MSVCC Academy) to improve course. Webinar facilitators also develop the sessions and are expected to facilitate real-time, interactive, and engaging webinars using Blackboard Collaborate.

MCCB provides support for its facilitators and ensures they have the necessary tools to facilitate online training courses and webinars. Preferred online training course facilitators and Webinar facilitators are paid a standard based on training course contact hours.

Like facilitators, consultants are chosen to develop online training courses and training kits (face-to-face training materials) based on their experience, education, and expertise. To develop resources for the MSVCC, consultants must complete the MSVCC Academy Facilitator/Developer Form found above.

There is no standard rate of compensation for resource development. Compensation is negotiated on a project-by-project basis, and contracts are issued for each individual project.

Questions? Contact Brooke Doggett, Director of Training and Professional Development, at